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Bubble Hash: SUPER PURE! Clear Amber Bubblehash by: OptiHow To Make Bubble Hash, How To Press Bubble Hash, THC Extraction (Hash Making):

Opti says:"If you take marijuana, then remove every part of the plant that does NOT get you high, what's left are nearly pure THC crystals" (Bubble Hash.)

There are several ways of making traditional or bubble hash, but the general idea is the same. Marijuana is filtered / suspended or vibrated over or through a screen with the proper mesh size, and the mostly THC resin glands that pass through are then collected, pressed and smoked!

NOTE: We do not consider ourselves the final authority on Bubble Hash - however, we were making it long before the term "bubble hash" was coined - before hash making bags and machines - using simple kitchen utensils, strainers, cake mixers, ice cubes, tall jars, silk screens, coffee filters, etc. Opti says it's nowhere near as complex as all the so-called 'experts' would have you believe! People don't get it that if you know how, you can make killer 'full melt' hashish using just a pitcher of ice cold water and a cake mixer!

Who invented cold water extraction? Truth is, natural processes for extracting plant resins have been with us for millennium. Some guys were using water to separate out THC in Afghanistan back in the the 60's. So no one 'invented' water separation or bubble hash (really pure hashish) - HOWEVER, ALL modern (cold water based) hash making bags and so called hash making machines owe their existence to a simplification, and streamlining of the process of cold water plant resin extraction by ( Reinhard C Delp, 1997 - with his "METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR EXTRACTING PLANT RESINS" - Canadian patent #2321815 - U.S. patent #6158591 - E.U. patent #EP1015118 ).

Opti says:
In 1997 Reinhard's XTR 420 was THE VERY 1ST COLD WATER HASH MAKING MACHINE ever built - end of story! - To this day - his XTR 1000 is still one of the very best hash making tools on the market! In fact, both these machines form the backbone of the Dutch hash scene, and are the 'secret weapons' in the back of many Amsterdam coffee shops. They make the tastiest bubble hash around, and the pros don't want you to know about them! In the years since 1997, everyone just ripped off his concept and Voila! the "bubble ca$h" industry was born. Now he's fighting back...

FOLLOW the "ICE WARS" DRAMA as Mr. Reinhard Delp fights to reassert ownership as the sole patent holder for the cold water extraction and shut down all the imitators! - To understand the REAL history of water separated hash - you must read this article from "Treating Yourself Magazine" - issue #19 - page #27 - ( #1 - Ice Wars: Who Invented The Bomb! - by Joe Pietri! ) - - - related articles: ( #2 - Ice Wars... ) - ( #3 - Ice Cold... ) - ) - ( #4 - On Joe Pietri’s Article... )

Opti says: "Good luck friends ...The future is CRYSTAL clear!"
Mr. T said:
"Don't do drugs ...Stay in school fool."

THC Extraction (Making Bubble Hash by Natural Methods): Bubble Hash Bags Companies:

BUBBLE HASH BAGS - Hash Making Bags (Bubble Bags) Get bags for cold water plant resin extraction.

WET methods for making Bubble Hash (ice hash, water hash, ice o lator hash) Covers: Ice-o-lator - Bubble Bags, Washing Machine Ice-o-lator, simple suspension, etc.

DRY methods for making Bubble Hash Covers: Flat Screening (ancient way) - Drum machines, Pollinators, hand held grinders, dry sifting, etc.

PRESSING your THC into Killer Full Melt Hash Covers: Various techniques for pressing your resin into perfect bubble hash!

SOURCE MATERIAL what weed to use? Covers: Our favorite strains for killer hash! - Various seed distributors.

BOOKS / TOOLS for making Bubble Hash (crystal) Covers: Tools and both modern and classic books about bubble hash, hash making equipment, and weed!

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC - AKA delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol)
Chemical name (−)-(6aR,10aR)-6,6,9-trimethyl-3-pentyl-6a,7,8,10a-tetrahydro-6H-benzo[c]chromen-1-ol
Chemical formula C21H30O2
Molecular mass 314.46 g/mol
Glass transition 9.3 °C
Boiling point 155-157 °C (vacuum, 0.07 mbar)
Solubility (water) 2.8 mg/L (23 °C)
Solubility (saline) 0.77 mg/L (NaCl, 0.15 M)

Bubble HashWhat is Bubble Hash (Hashish)? - is it the same as Hash?

Many smokers seem a bit confused about this.

Opti says: "Hash is a pile of THC resin glands and minute plant material from the cannabis plant which have been pressed into a cohesive piece!" That's about it really.

All hash comes from marijuana (pot) plants. There are as many types of hash and bubble hash as there are marijuana plant strains.

Opti says: "Any Hash or Pile of THC Crystal more than 50% pure resin glands can be called Bubble Hash!" Even the most pure bubble hash often has about 15% to 30% plant material still in. The high THC crystal content in the modern bubble hash causes it to bubble if you bring a flame close to it. THC crystals just happen to have a very 'honey like' texture and flavor - see honey oil.

BUBBLE HASH is just a term coined by the modern hash makers for really PURE HASHISH (HASH) ...AKA:
bubblehash, bubble, full melt hash, crystal, ice hash, water hash, THC crystal hashish, ice o lator hash, hippie crack, istlecre, black crack, KIF (correct), keef (incorrect), cannabis crack, and so on.

Exotic Bubble Hash by: OptiThere is no such thing as a hashish plant per say - only different strains of pot plants, some lending themselves better to hash production through breeding. Any pot plant from which you can separate the THC glands, will produce Hash. The flavor, color, potency, and type of buzz are all determined by the the source plant.

Pot comes in 2 basic strains - Sativa, and Indica, or a combination. Sativa is what most Americans know as Weed! It is a tall green colored plant, which has that characteristic "High" - energetic.

The other strain Indica has a different appearance, and was bred through history as a shorter more crystalline plant better for hash production. They could be brown, red, purple, etc. Hence the brown, red and blond colors of traditional hash.

Both plants will make great hash, but the purists will want to stick with mostly Indica. Hash made from Sativa tends to be a more 'racy' energetic high (gets the heart pounding), whereas hash from Indica has a more grounded 'body stone' and makes you want to put your feet up and chill.

Bubble Hash PipeHow to smoke bubble hash?
Opti says: "Bubble Hash is best appreciated in a pipe!" Don't get us wrong, if you have enough to roll joints that's great, but to really appreciate the caramel and fruity flavors of exotic bubble hash made from tops (buds), you should smoke it pure - in a pipe! The really fine bubble hash we've made can be 60 to 70% PURE THC! That can be so potent that even if you break a gram into 10 pieces, each little .10 can feel like it will collapse a lung! note: Use less direct flame for more flavour! - keep flame 1 inch above bubble, and bring down the heat to melt it - thats the flavour shot!

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How to roll bubble hash into a joint?
A gram of really pure bubble hash will take an average chronic smoker about 2 days to get through in a pipe - this is really potent stuff! If you want to twist it up into a joint of bubble, the best way is to mix it with what Opti calls 'BASE' or really good traditional hash (milder day time hash) like good "Red Leb" - or basic "Bombay Black" if you must. Take 2 tenths of a gram of bubble hash (.20) - wrap it inside of a flattened third (.30) of the mild hashish, heat it on a pin with a lighter, and blend with a little tobacco or other medium (see next section for non-tobacco options).

In other words, Opti says: If you can find some good milder hash, it makes more sense to wrap the high grade hash inside a sheet of the milder (cheaper) hash before you heat it to brew. The milder hash will take the heat (like the heat shield used to on an old space capsule) so not to burn the valuable sticky goo inside!

NOTE - Rolling Bubble Hash Without Tobacco - Opti Says: If you don't smoke tobacco or have quit cigarettes, there are natural alternatives that are really good because they taste neutral, and do not interfere with the exotic flavours of the bubble hash. For example, one of our favorites is the dried flowers of the AFRICAN BLUE LILLY (Nymphaea Caerulea - order from USA ) or what we simply call 'BLUE' . Talk to a herb center, natural health foods, or flower distributor. Some ex-smokers also like to roll bubble hash with a bit of dried Wild Dagga (leonotis leonurus) or what we call 'RED' - also from Africa..

Fruity Exotic Bubble Hash by: OptiYIELD - How much bubble hash should I get from my source material?
This will depend fully on the source material (skuff vs. buds) as well as the fact that each strain yields differently.

Opti says you can expect an average:
- 3 to 6 grams per 100 grams of lower weed trimmings.
(Around 3% - 6%)

- 7 to 15 grams per 100 grams of tops and buds.
(Around 7% - 15%)

For example some weed (if grown well) can have buds that are 20% THC (The one hit wonders and wheel chair varieties) - we did some up in a standard set of ice-o-lator bags, and got a return of 15% - that's pretty good when it comes out as pure as honey! The amounts will vary, but this is about average. You can see why bubble hash is so hard to buy. If you do the numbers really pure bubble hash made from TOPS can can cost the producer up to 20 - 30$ a gram (lost revenue) to make for themselves! - that's and if you can get them to sell any at all!

Opti says: "you would have to charge 30$ or so per gram for the SUPER PURE stuff to make it cost effective." Note: Gold (in this country) is about $1500 an ounce. Even average bubble at 30$ per gram works out to 840$ an ounce! Sometimes making bubble can feel like Gold mining, or as Opti says: "like a diamond mine must discard so many truck loads of earth to get a few precious carrots of gems. This is not a hobby for the impatient!"

Chemical THC extraction:
You must read up on this method carefully: Most chemical methods are dangerous, overly complex, and too involved to be practical. You often end up with a very 'dirty' product full of all kinds of toxic residues. Not good.

Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) - Using butane for supercritical fluid extraction can be a cleaner updated more modern way of isolating THC resin (honey oil) - If done properly. You can end up with a very pure product, but you must know what you are doing first!

WARNING: SFE is NOT a natural method like cold water plant resin extraction. It can be dangerous. Also the extracted THC can be quite contaminated if you don't evaporate off all the butane, then wash it with water. *You must learn how to 'wash' your oil (a critical process usually overlooked.) This involves cooling, water bathing, heating and evaporation, then repeating.

Note: properly extracted THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in pure form is a glassy solid when cold and becomes viscous and sticky if warmed. Your oil should be hard when cool, pure, sweet smelling and amber in colour. If it's runny, green, smells like butane, feels overly harsh when smoked, or gives you a pounding headache - then it is not pure, and Opti says: "don't smoke it"
Turn your off-cut into liquid gold!

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