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Bubble Hash: Bubblehash
The most important thing to remember is that the quality of the THC crystal (KIF) you start with will determine how easy it is to press into bubble hash! (THC crystal hashish)

60% or better (THC Crystals) will press into bubble hash in minutes just by working it in your hand! The more bits of plant material that get into the crystal (KIF), the harder it will be to press. If there is too much leaf material in the crystal, it will not press at all.

Purest of THC Crystal to lesser grade bubble hashShould I press my Crystal?
That depends - Pressing changes the chemical structure of the KIF and releases the sticky oils, which will eventually turn into something like chewing gum - even adding to the sweetness.

With some crystal we've extracted pressing makes it sweeter - while using other types of source weed it's better to NOT press it! Finally with some stuff we found that 'partial' pressing gives the best flavor and gives the bubble a 'marbled' appearance like polished mahogany - Mmmm!
OK, I know all this stuff - Just let me see some Hash Pressers!

Methods for Pressing THC Crystals into Hash:

The Purity Test: Super Pure Bubble Hash (THC Crystal) Held up to the Sun!Opti's Way! - PRESSING THC CRYSTAL (Bubble Hash):
This is our favorite way to press properly extracted THC crystal into Bubble Hash ...Tried, tested and true.

NOTE: If you made it using a wet method (suspension + filtration), then let it dry to %99 before pressing.

If you used a dry method (screening / pollinator) - you may want to add about %1 moisture content back into the crystal, just as a catalyst to initiate pressing.

THIS SHOULD NOT be necessary for most properly extracted 60%+ crystal - that should just melt like candy under a hot spot lamp - we call that stuff 'self pressing bubble hash'.

* Water will work, spit too (yuck - do it to your own sheite - or don't let anyone see you) but for stubborn, greener crystal, ALCOHOL IS BETTER! - Try a drop of the finest 85% proof Jamaican Rum for that impossible to pressstubborn low grade 'green crumbly bubble'. The alcohol in the rum acts as a catalyst (tincture of sorts) to break down, and open the THC glands (releasing sticky oils.) As you press and heat, the final moisture will leave and be replaced with the resinous candy of the THC.


  • Take the pile of crystal and squeeze it in your hand hard as you can
    into a ball. Try to get some of the air out of it. Put it on a smooth surface (not glass - more like mylar counter top, etc.) and use a bottle like a rolling pin to roll it into a flat pancake shape.

  • Now take a lighter and 'tickle' the flame onto each side of the flattened pancake. You want to just begin to see it darken (bubble ever so slightly) then stop. Lay it down to cool for a few seconds (OPTI says: if it's too hot, and you squeeze it, it will keep breaking apart!) Now, the color should have darkened, and the 'caramelization' should begin to become evident.

  • Take the now flat pancake and fold it in half, then in half again, then again in on itself 'til it's back in a a ball!

  • Now re-roll it with the empty glass bottle till it is in a NEW pancake shape. Start REPEATING the process of 'tickling' it with the flame from the lighter, then cooling, then folding, then re-rolling with the bottle. - YES, AGAIN!

  • NOTE ON TICKLING WITH FLAME: hold lighter close to the bubble hash - use the lower part of the flame from the lighter (blue part), the top will produce soot.

  • That's about it ...the more you do this the more it should change from hard crumbly to soft and gummy. You will notice that it appears to be shrinking, but that's just because the air and final water are coming out. You should see the weight will not change much at all, just the density.

  • When it gets to the end, it will (in most cases) be much darker, denser, gummy and hopefully sweeter (with some bubble hash it gets more bitter when pressed - not sweeter) - be careful here - now it can be STORED for later (SEE BELOW) ...ENJOY!

Storing Bubble Hash (THC Crystal Hashish):
D A N G E R:  If bubble hash gets moldy it'll ruin the hash, and maybe YOU TOO! - Smoking Mold can be VERY DANGEROUS!

Before you wrap it up tight for storage your crystal or bubble hash needs to be almost fully dry! Opti says: "If you made it using a wet method like the Water (Bubble) Hash Bags then press the piece into a very flat pancake and leave it out to dry for several days (try to keep dust off it)". If you used a dry method, you should be fine. Or you can smoke it wet, seeing as you will usually only have a few grams at a time to worry about, you will have smoked it before it can get moldy. Be warned: Opti also says: "unnecessary moisture in your crystal will only add to the harshness you feel in your lungs. I learned this while smoking bubble I took to South East Asia - I noticed I coughed more when near the hot, wet, humid coastline and far less up in the dry, high mountain air!"

Cleaning Up
Hey man, Pressing Bubble Hash is messy! How do I clean this sticky resin stuff off?

Pick up some basic rubbing alcohol (70% USP) and a box of tissue paper, and you be clean as a whistle in seconds.

Bubble Hash by Opti: Bubblehash - From RockbudHand Pressing - For SUPER pure crystal:
This will only work with very pure 60% ++ KIF. Take your pile of dried KIF, put it in the palm of your hand, and with your other thumb, press and twist the powder continuously. It should start getting sticky right away. As you keep squeezing and pressing it, it should also start turning dark brown, then black. When it gets to the consistency of chewed bubble gum, it's done. When cooled pure bubble hash will get hard. When heated, it should bubble, and almost liquefy. That's it really, but it only works with the really good stuff - for most applications, you will need some heat and higher pressures.

Get a Commercial Hash Press

Order Bubble Hash - Ice-O-Lator Bags - Water Hash Makers

Amazing Modern Honey OilVery Fast & Very Easy!

Hand Rubbing - Ancient Hash Making - Jamaican Gum Hash:
This is most certainly how the first caveman discovered hash. It doesn't really count as pressing, but it should be listed here. This is when you have been handling cannabis for a while, and you have a sticky coating of resins on you hands. If you then start rubbing your hands together you will end up with a ball of "Hand Rub". This is very potent, but nowhere near efficient enough to make bubble hash. Other ways used was by running through the cannabis fields with wooden paddles, smacking the tops of the plants as they go. The paddles could then be scrapped with a knife, and bingo - Hash!

For Green Crystal (Less Pure)
(Heat & Pressure):

Istlecre: which one of these is not like the others?This is our favorite on "not so pure" KIF.

What you need:
- tin foil.
- electric stove (gas is tricky)
- empty round glass bottle (vodka bottle - wine bottle) Must be round - clean off the labels!
- flat bottom frying pan or saucepan.
- a little drop of rum, vodka, etc.

Turn your stove element onto a MINIMUM setting. Take your frying pan (or saucepan) and put it UPSIDE DOWN over the element - That's right - Bottom side up! Now take a square of tin foil (shinny side up), and cover the bottom of the frying pan. You should now have a nice flat heated surface to work on. Don't use too much heat! It should be hot enough so you can't hold you hand on it for more than a second, but not red hot.

Take your pile of crystal (KIF), and place it on the hot tin foil surface. Immediately take your bottle, and start gently rolling it back and forth - the pile should flatten like a pancake, and you will smell the resins melting. This is just like using a rolling pin for baking. Lift the tin foil off the frying pan, and put on the counter to cool a bit. Peel the KIF off the tin foil, and put the foil back on the heat.

Fold the flattened piece in on itself till it's a ball - add back on to the heat, and repeat one or more times till the chunk starts to hold together. Now, take the fattened piece off the heat and either with your finger, or a paint brush dampen both sides with Rum. Fold it into a ball and add back on to the hot tinfoil for one more heating - rolling.

That should be it. You can now finish by pressing and flattening in your hand. Remember - if the KIF is pure, you won't need to do all this. These techniques work with the "not so pure" KIF the average Joe will produce.Bubble Hash Pucks

Commercial Hash Press:
This is essentially a high end vice grip. It is a metal cylinder with a screw type press. You put the (high quality KIF) in the press - turn the crank till it's tight, and that's it. Peel off the wax paper, and you have a 30g, 90g, or whatever sized PUCK of bubble hash. You can even imprint a custom logo (seal) on the puck. These are good if your doing this on a big scale, otherwise they are not worth it.

Note: If the KIF is fairly green (leaf material present), you will need more heat and pressure - literally have to hit it with a hammer! This would explain why in some villages in the Middle East and elsewhere, you can hear the sound of wooden hammers thrashing in every house on the street as they produce exportable, commercial hash (by no means bubble).

The result is something we call "Day Hash" - you can smoke in the morning with no ill effects! - the kind of thing most people in North America know as Hash. The really good bubble hash rarely makes it this far.

You'll know the difference because unlike common "Day Hash", good bubble hash will have a half a dozen seasoned smokers falling on the floor after only one joint! I have to admit, we have a good tolerance. Recently we ran into a girl we used to know who was, and always has been a heavy toker ...anyway she ended up puking she got so high while sharing a toothpick joint of crystal with 5 of us! Believe me, she is not a light weight! USERS BE WARNED!

Does it ruin the product if it has some green in it?
NO, Not always, a little can be OK - it's what gives bubble hash different flavors and adds body - like a base for the ridiculously strong PURE THC CRYSTALS. Yes, pure bubble hash is the best, but it's so powerful it almost doesn't mind a touch of green to mellow it. Since most people trying this will not be making 60% ++ KIF, this is what you will end up with anyway.

Smoke Bubble Hash using a Marijuana Vaporizer!



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